Mathew Timmons is a hard-core collaborator with no regard for traditional boundaries when it comes to mixing media and even entire genres. In conjunction with his forthcoming CD release, The Arachnoids, he stages the inaugural exhibition at 323 Projects. Accessible (at least by phone) 24/7, the work weaves together a variety of sound-based elements into a form that evolves continually right up until the end of the show on October 11. Accustomed to working with multiple collaborators, Timmons takes that to a new level by inviting random strangers (including all of you) to contribute content via the gallery's exhibition medium: an open phone line. 323 Projects invites you to visit the exhibition by calling 323.843.4652 or 323.TIE.IN.LA. Listen, speak, repeat as necessary. - Shana Nys Dambrot