Songs by the demiurgic; original, instrumental and other forms of song for the everyday. A different song by a different artist each day.

Curated by Kristi Lippire

August 12 – Sept. 9

323 Projects is pleased to present Songs by the demiurgic; original, instrumental and other forms of song for the everyday. A different song by a different artist each day, curated by Kristi Lippire. This exhibition investigates questions of mastery and originality, what it means to sing songs by other people and transgress professional boundaries. Callers to the gallery will hear a variety of audio, from singing in the shower, to reverberating medleys, to audio bordering on advertisement. For more information and for a list of all participating artists please visit

SCHEDULE OF AUDIO for August 12 - August 21
Friday 12th: Kristi Lippire / Corey Fogel

Saturday 13th: Keith Walsh Experience

Sunday 14th: Katie Herzog

Monday15th: Alice Clemens

Tuesday 16th: Matt Wardell

Wednesday 17th: John Hogan/

Thursday 18th:Jennifer Sullivan

Friday 19th: Net Shaker (Ernest Gibson/Erik Frydenburg)

Saturday 20th: Amy Maloof

Sunday 21st: Jennifer the Leopard

Monday 22nd: Keith Walsh Experience

Tuesday 23rd: Susan Silton and the Crowing Hens (Bridge Over the River Kwai) LAXART, May 2010 Whistlers: Erin Barnes, Jessica Basta, Carole Anne Kaufman, Laura Loftsgaarden, Kat Nockels, Susan Silton Arrangement: Jessica Catron

Wednesday 24th: Robert Crouch

Thursday 25th: Lucas Michael,No, u didn't,digital recording, 2007

Friday 26th: Jim Ovelmen and Brian Cooper, "Promising Frontiers". The lyrics are directly lifted from a time life book from the 60's about pharmacological research.

Saturday August 27th: Anna Oxygen, Steve and Linda

Sunday 28th: Missincinatti, So Early in the Morning off their Ablum Remove Not the Ancient Landmarks Missincinatti is Jessica Catron (cello, vocals), Jeremy Drake (guitar, vocals), Corey Fogel (drums, vocals).

Monday 29th: Douglas Lee, Improv on Glass Harmonica

Tuesday 30th: Kelly Bevando, cover of Jesus and Mary Chain's Head On played on ukelele.

Wednesday 31st: Mandi Bevando, cover of the Cure's Why Can't I be You

Thursday September 1st: Dude Dogg, Radishes

Friday September 2nd: Charles Irvin, Funky Fever is the Captain Banana Hammock

Saturday September 3rd: Timothy Hutchings, There is a Time, It's a cover of a song performed by the Dillards and an actress on the Andy Griffith show. The piece was written for the show and never performed by the Dillards on stage until once thirty or so years later.

Sunday September 4th: Ernest Gibson and Erik Frydenborg

Monday September 5th: Alice Clements

Tuesday September 6th: John P. Hogan and David Reich

Wednesday September 7th: Matt Wardell singing in the shower

Thursday September 8th:8 Douglas Lee

Friday September 9th: Kristi Lippire and Corey Fogel

Kristi Lippire lives and works in Los Angeles and is currently part of the traveling exhibition Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy that opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and is traveling to Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Orange County Museum of Art and Nasher Museum at Duke University.

Kristi Lippire makes large-scale objects that reference the visual culture that surrounds her every day. The sculptures are explorations in scale and material, isolating moments in everyday life that are found to be interesting in a manner that emphasizes the humor of a complex social culture.

Lippire has recently installed an outdoor sculpture work for the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, which will be a public art for the next year.

Lippire has also participated and organized multiple guerilla art projects in Los Angeles and Mexico and for the last three summers has been involved in a collaborative project with her husband, curating backyard screenings featuring new video works and performance art in their El Sereno backyard.

Kristi Lippire has exhibited with d.e.n. contemporary art and Ace Gallery, with recent group exhibitions at the Torrance Art Museum, Glendale Community College and The Riverside Art Museum.